// Hello.//

I’ve decided to turn this blog (I’m rather proud of this URL) into a sort of diary of my transition, which though it has lasted in reality my whole life, has only begun in the technical, tangible sense recently. 

I’m genderqueer, agender if you will, and I do consider myself a member of the trans* community. Potentially I’m masculine of center, but that’s something debatable. Recently my doctor referred me to the medical center at UCI, but I haven’t heard from them yet. So I haven’t actually undergone any medical procedures yet.

With luck (and probably determination), within the next month or so I’ll be starting HRT. I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish with HRT, I have a general aesthetic goal, which is (in short) to get to a point where I can wear clothes associated with either gender (“men’s” or “women’s”) and give an observer pause. I don’t consider myself male or female, and that’s not about to change, but HRT affects everyone differently and I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen when I start. 

Anyway, I hope to turn this blog into a diary of my transition, and maybe a trans* blog in general. Expect to see more posts as the process continues. Yeah.