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// Skyfall//

ATTN you probably don’t want to read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet. But anyone who sees this probably will have. Whatever.

So overall, I really did enjoy Skyfall. It was as entertaining as a Bond film should be. Overall, I give it a 6 or 7/10… let’s say 7.

The production value of the movie was pretty A-1. It was high-budget and multinational with beautiful, innovative sets (I especially liked the komodo dragons lurking under the bridge in the gambling hall scene), and seamless CGI. One of the great things about this film as an action movie, which it predominantly was, was that it was innovative- it played on all the old cliches: car-chases, high-rises and dangerous precipices, explosions- without showing us the same old stuff. Well, I know those kinds of effects have all been used before, but they were at least interesting to watch. The entire movie had about it an aesthetic quality that ranged from sensual to dry and harsh, and made for a film that was very pleasing to the eye. Not to mention the abundance of Daniel Craig’s face. 

The cast was also an exercise in perfection. This is Daniel Craig’s third (and possibly last?) Bond film, and he’s done well so far (in my opinion) carrying on the title. The rest of the cast was just as solid (And as solidly English). Judi Dench as M, Ralph Fiennes as Mallory, and even Ben Whishaw as Q were all exceptional. If Miss Moneypenny had gotten more screentime, I’m sure she would have been exceptional as well. Javier Bardem was an impressive villain. He was over the top and a bit flamboyant, but his motives made sense and his acting was, in my opinion, believable (believable for a guy trained and betrayed by the English secret service).  All of the characters were fairly well written; Fiennes as the prickly government liason who eventually turns out to be a pretty good guy, Dench as M, the jaded, cynical HBIC who cares a lot about her agents, but is willing to make hard calls (even if they turn out to be the wrong ones), and Whishaw, Q, the pasty shut-in foil to Bond who represents the new, alien way of doing things that seems really to just involve as little work as possible. All very witty, all very cute.

And the film explored some interesting themes as well. For all my jokes about this being a “midlife crisis film”, or about how much MI6 cocks everything up, I found it interesting how fallible everyone was. Most of the characters are edging past their prime, most of all Bond himself. To me, Bond has always meant debonair, smooth, nigh-invincible (at least, he can always get himself out of a tight spot). Craig’s Bond, however, is a lot more complicated. He feels frustration, desperation, and more than a little self-loathing, I think, which makes him a very interesting character. The same goes for M, who struggles to hold onto a way of life that seems to be falling apart. In fact, there were themes of decay throughout the film; from Silva’s abandoned city to the run-down Skyfall mansion, even to the advanced age of the main characters. Further, there are themes of hidden decay; Bond maintains a trim appearance, with flawless suits and a calm demeanor, but his deteriorating physical state becomes apparent early on. The seductive, polished surface of the Chinese gambling parlor hides sex trafficking and assassination; proverbial komodo dragons lurking below the party. Skyfall was, in this way, almost an inversion of the values of “traditional” Bond films. 

Something I didn’t like, however, was the treatment of the character Severine, whose death was kind of unnecessary. Honestly her whole character, to me, basically screams fridging. It doesn’t make sense to me that Bond kind of starts caring about her, enough to go with her to the creepy abandoned island, but not enough not to then kill her with his own incompetence, and then, AFTER she’s dead, go all super-secret agent and kill all of Silva’s guards. This happens a few times over the course of the film, like with the high-rise assassination in Shanghai (is it Shanghai?), but Severine’s death is the biggest instance. She’s important enough to the main character to get killed, but of course, she’s not a main character, because those matter to the plot. Severine had very little agency in the plot: what she wanted didn’t seem to matter at all. She was a plot device and that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. Female characters are often treated this way in popular media, and it’s something that I’m really hoping we as creators grow out of in time. 

All in all, I give Skyfall 7/10 on the arbitrary points scale. Good job everyone.

Oops. I wrote way more than I should have.

oh my god haha this blog is just going to be a blog full of ignored never read poetry that’s kind of poetic in and of itself sigh

Gay sketches gay wizards wow i drew gay

Gay sketches gay wizards wow i drew gay

// ghost cuts//

She looked down one morning to find a collection of wounds
Of unknown origin
Adorning her hands.
The selection was wide,
A different specimen on each finger.
Deep cuts, paper thin, 
Bisected her cuticle, nudging into the nail.
She had abrasions on her palm, as though from asphalt, 
Though she hadn’t left the house for weeks.
She ascribed these to her own,
Incidental clumsiness but they neglected to fade
With time or bandage
Growing livid and stinging with no warning,
Making writing impossible and washing worse.
The ghost cuts stayed
And changed, sometimes a scratch would scab over 
And fade to be replaced with a puncture
In the pad of her thumb
In time, she grew accustomed, and watched them,
Their red faces and chalky margins,
And numbered her days in them 

And she, in her grief, was

Trapped so with that pale armature of a figure, with its ghostly fingers and piano-wire ribs,

That she thought she might See the fine ivory fingers

Begin to twitch with desire and the wire frame

Become come-over with flesh as the thing


First her heart and then her mind

He saw them, sliding past the vast windows
Austere grey shapes with hawkish yellow eyes
That looked at him, through him, as though he wasn’t there
And in truth, he wasn’t
He waited for sunset, and blinked, and it had passed
He found he no longer had the need to sleep;
It had been replaced by a propensity for dizzying bouts of uncertainty
That left him wondering
If those grey things outside the glass
Were affected by the place as he was
And if he would become one of them.

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oh god haha i’m really flattered. i don’t at all though, i’ve never even played dishonored my boyfriend thought there should be more fanart of it

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corvo from dishonored
i have no idea what the fuck i’m doing
thanks to leon for PSing 

corvo from dishonored

i have no idea what the fuck i’m doing

thanks to leon for PSing 

Fuck i dont know how to make this shit NOT SIDEWAYS
edit: wait its not sideways

Fuck i dont know how to make this shit NOT SIDEWAYS

edit: wait its not sideways

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